ZOMG James Storm

And there is MORE HIH Drama, but when isn't there?

Well, once again, it's time to kick back and dish out the popcorn.

Oh their downfall is going to fun as hell to watch. See if THIS and THIS doesn't bite them in the ass enough.


Oh, and adding OUAT as the new main rp for HIH. Not surprised a bit. **shakes head** I mean, who didn't see THAT coming sooner or later??

Don't we just love being told what to say outside of the comms

It seems the mods are the one's NOT communicating with others

Karma is going to be a BITCH for those three. Word. Although, like Anne Rice, they are the gift that keeps on giving, wank wise.
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This is Bullshit!

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You think it was tough when Lena, Juppy, Destiny, and HG left?? I'll make the so called drama you had with them look like a mother fucking cake walk

Bitches, you fucked with WRONG PERSON!!!!!!

So I won't kiss your fucking asses and tell you I love the idea of sorting character rp journals when we have real people who were appling to HIH? Suck my nonexistant cock! Not every fucking official is going to like your goddamn ideas and kiss your fucking asses like you want them to. Deal with it!!

I was the best Mod you had in the Order and you damn well know it. I got shit done. So FUCK YOU!!!

Amber is the ONLY fucking decent one out of y'all. The other three of you are so fucking power trippy who want people to brown nose the shit out you. So I'm not an ass kisser? But you know what, you three cunts can kiss mine!!!

Edit: When I say NO POINTS for pimp_cane this week, that means NO fucking god damn points for pimp_cane this week. It does not mean for you to go behind my mother fucking back and over my fucking head and totally disreguard what I said IN MY OWN COMMUNITY.

pimp_cane is not even affilaited with HIH as of the minute y'all fired me last night. So, if you think I'm going let you get away with this, I won't. I'll bring ten kinds of fucking hell on your bitch ass if you think otherwise.

You didn't do this to hp_chorus and you didn't do this to hp_immobulus when the mods of those comms left HIH and unaffiliated. You sure as fuck won't do it to me!

I understand I don't own the icons that the people made to enter into the contests this week. I never said I fucking did. BUT I DO OWN pimp_cane. And what I say there goes. NOT YOU


Edit: Hiiiii. Look if you're leave annonymous comments in my journal, just make sure you don't post things I've seen before. If you didn't know already, the beginning rant in this post is about that link. KTHX.

Oh by the way, since this lj doesn't allow annonymous comments anymore, (and I deleted your last one for posting a link that's already been posted. Please if y'all wanted to leave a comment, you could have said something with *some* substance. Maybe.) and y'all were banned last night already from this lj. Getting in touch with my lj, will not so be so easy. And as Mick Foley would say...Have a nice day!

Bye bye now.

*blows the three of them a huge kiss**
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ZOMG James Storm

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Give me 1000 comments in this entry. Or whatever, really. YOU, in particular, don't have to supply the whole 1000, but a tiny contribution would be nice. Then let me know if you post this in your journal and I'll return the favor.

Dudes, so this is your chance to spam me with anything! Pictures, lyrics, the word SPAM over and over. Feel free to tell me something about yourself, or screen your comments. Do whatever you want! It's all up to you.

Okay, so I realise 1000 is a tall number so just spam away and we'll see where we get up to. Please entertain me!
ZOMG James Storm

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This is wildcatskitten's new lj. Feel free to add me, especially if you are friends of the old lj.

All posts after this are friends only.

Now to switch everything over.....including all my friends and the communities I'm in.